Cara Menyebarkan RAT/Keylogger/Trojan [How to Spread Your Rats/Keyloggers/Trojans]

Well everyody, this time i'm going to make an english article, why ? because i feel like to did so :D
OK, let's begin !

Spreading is one of the most important step to gain more slaves for you Rats/Keylogger etc.
In this tutorial I will show you some of the popular method to spread your Rats. The main concept of spreading is that give people what they want with virus. So that they install your virus blindly.

Before we start remember this tutorial is only for education purpose.
1. Crypter:
A Crypter is a programs that makes your virus UD or FUD by encrypting them.
Well to spread you require a Fud Rat/Keylogger so get it fud with a private crypter. Private because public crypter will not be FUD and will get easily detectable from Avs.

2. Binder:
A Binder is a program that binds two exe so that when people click Legit looking program your virus also launches at the same time or later. Some crypter also makes you virus UD or FUD by binding them with another file.
A binder so that you can bind your virus with Legit/Fake programs. Many crypter have inbuilt binder use it.

Some Keywords:
UD means Undetectable so that only few AV detects it. FUD means Fully Undetectable so no virus detects it.

How to spread?
Well this is the part we all were waiting for. I will show you few popular methods to spread you viruses and trojans.
1. Youtube
YouTube is a video sharing website on which anyone can upload and share videos. This is best place to spread you virus. Just make a small video not more than min on how to use a Crack/Keygen program or a fake software that has your virus binded. Now upload you files to a file hosting for people to download.
2. Ewhoring  

Ewhoring is the easiest way to get lots of slaves. For this method to work you should get you Rat/Keylogger Fud for best results.
Begin by changing you virus icon to a image one. Then you need to spoof the extension with a extension spoofer to .jpg so that it looks just like a image.
This method needs lot of paticience but believe me once you become pro you will enjoy this method.
3. Torrents
Torrent is a small file (around few kilobytes) with the suffix .torrent, which contains all the information needed to download a file the torrent was made for. Everything is avialable in torrent from movies to softwares. You just have to bind your virus to legit programm and start. This method is a slow one. But once you get seeds you will got tons of install of you Virus.
There are many public torrent site where you can start from. Some are listed below for example:

you can use any public torrents. For list of popular torrents you can click this. 4. Facebook
Everybody knows about facebook. You can use Facbook to spread your Rats/Keylogger. Begin making a fake girl account join lots of group and start spreading. Link them you virus saying its a software that can tell who visited you facebook acoount or some thing similar and people will trust you and you get lots of slaves. Same can be done with any social networking site.
5.Java drive by applet
  This is a little advance method to spread virus using java applet.
6. Forums
Join some new forums with lots of noobs. Bind your virus with legit programs and get downloads. Remember you may get banned if you dont have your Virus/Trojan FUD>

Some Do'es and Dont's:

1. Never use file hosting that shares you files with AV companies. There are many file hosting sites that do so and cause you Rats/Keyloggers/Trojans to get UD.

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