Perbedaan Wish dan Hope

I wish you good health and every happiness in the 21st Century.
I hope you’ll enjoy good health and every happiness in the 21st Century.
Can u see the difference?
verb wish digunakan dalam bentuk yang lebih bervariasi dan hope nggak dapat digunakan sebagai verb yang berdiri sendiri dalam sebuah kalimat, selain ungkapan “I hope so” atau “I hope not.”

Mari bahas WISH dulu,
Oke, pertama, Wish dipake pas lo ngarepin sesuatu atau ngarepin temen lo beruntung, berhasil atau nikmatin sesuatu yang akan terjadi di masa depan.
* I wish you Happy.
* Remember it’s Sarah’s birthday tomorrow. Don’t forget to wish her many happy returns.
* They wished me all the best in my new job.
* I wish you good health and every happiness in the New Millennium.

Kedua, Wish juga dipake ketika lo ngarepin sesuatu, walo itu memang ga terjadi atau nggak mungkin terjadi. Dalam hal ini wish HARUS diikuti verb atau auxiliary bentuk lampau.
* We wish you could be here.
* He wished he hadn’t said that, for Fiona was terribly upset.
* It rained every day. I do wish I hadn’t gone there for my holidays.
* I wish you didn’t have to work so hard.
Wish, dalam bentuk “wish to”, kadang digunakan sebagai bentuk yang lebih formal dari “want to”. E.g:
* They were very much in love and wished to get married as soon as it could be arranged.
* I don’t wish to see him ever again,  she said, five months after they were married.
* He could do most of his work from home, if he wished.
* I don’t wish to interrupt (your conversation), but the potatoes are burning dry.
* I don’t wish to be rude, but that red dress really doesn’t suit you.
Oke, sekarang kita bahas HOPE.
Hope digunakan jika lo ngarep sesuatu dan itu mungkin atau akan terjadi. Verb hope dapat diikuti oleh semua tense.
Seperti wish, hope juga dapat digunakan dengan to sebagai pengganti want to:
* I hope to be a millionaire by the time I’m thirty.
* I was hoping to catch the 5.30 train and would have caught it, if Jennifer hadn’t phoned.
Jika ada subjek baru, hope harus diikuti oleh anak kalimat:
* I hope (that) she’ll like these flowers.
* Her mother hoped (that) Judith would become a doctor, but her heart was always set on the stage.
* I hope (that) you won’t think me rude, but that red dress that you’re wearing definitely doesn’t suit you.
* They were stranded on the side of the mountain and hoped (that) the rescue team would reach them before nightfall.
NOTE: wish dapat digunakan dalam bentuk yang lebih bervariasi dari pada hope.. jadi wish itu ga Cuma sekadar angan2 kosong, tapi lebih luas

source : SMAN 1 Dompu

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